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selected works by Digital Rights

Libraries and freedom of expression
No snooping
Internet as public sphere
The slide
Internet and Freedom of Expression
Alarming regulation
  The board members of Digital Rights regularly writes articles and columns on digital rights issues for newspapers and magazines.

On these pages you can find a selection of articles presenting and explaining the views of Digital Rights.

  • Libraries and freedom of expression
    The article discusses whether content-based restrictions on Internet access at Danish public libraries are compliant with the freedom of information protected by Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Published in the Nordic Journal "Mennesker og Rettigheder", dec. 2002.
  • No snooping for the boss
    Article about on-the-job surveillance from the Danish legal journal "Lov&Ret" by Tanja Krabbe (in Danish).
  • Internet as public sphere
    Should private companies decide what you are allowed to say in the public sphere of the Internet? This is the path European Internet policy is taking with the uncritical support of "self-regulation". Article from Politiken by Rikke Frank Jørgensen (in Danish).
  • The slide towards a Big Brother society
    The balance between the surveillance capabilities of the government and the privacy of the individual is shifting drastically these years. Read the statement by Per Helge Sørensen to the Danish Parliament (in Danish).
  • Internet and Freedom of Expression
    The time has come for states to take on their responsibility and strengthen the protection of freedom of expression on Internet. Thesis written by Rikke Frank Jørgensen at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Sweeden 2001.
  • Alarming IT-regulation
    New Danish legislation and a proposed convention on cyber crime from the Council of Europe endanger fundamental rights of the individual. Read the article by Tanja Krabbe and Tomas Kønigsfeldt from the Danish legal journal Lov&Ret.